GST registration

Other Areas of Services

We at GDK & Associates also provide certain other services related to-

  1. Financial Management: This is the managerial activity that starts from the procurement of funds and effective and efficient utilisations of the said funds in a manner which enhances the wealth of the shareholders/ owners of any company/ entity, while achieving the goal of profit maximisation as well.

  2. We provide services revolving around the field of Financial Management in terms of Development of Accounting, Budgeting, Forecasting and other Information Systems and evaluation of various alternative Financial Strategies.

  3. Cost Management: Cost Management can be said to be the Planning and Preparing Budgets for an entity’s processes and other ancillary activities of the entity’s business, and implementing a control process to compare the budgeted costs with actual costs, with a view of identifying and eliminating various deviations found therein, with an aim of Cost Control and Cost Reduction.

  4. We provide our services in the development of Cost Control Systems and Optimum Utilisation of the Economic resources, with an aim to Control and Reduce the costs of any entity.

  5. Financial and Economic Studies: We at GDK & Associates provide various services including, but not limited to conducting various Techno-Economic Studies, Viability Studies, Preparation of Project Reports, Certifications/ CMAs etc. as the case maybe, based on the requirement of the client.

  6. Personnel Recruitment: We also employ our services in the form of Recruitment of Accounting and Finance Personnel for the various clients based on their requirements, business scale and size and other such situation, as the case maybe.

  7. Professional Tax Services: We also provide services related to Professional Tax Registrations and Returns.

  8. Other Services: Other miscellaneous services we provide include, but are not limited to MSME/ UDYAM Registration, FSSAI Registration, IEC Registration, services pertaining to drafting Legal Deeds and other relevant documents as required under various laws.