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About Us

As the world of finance and accounting is facing swift changes, there emerges the need of a group of professionals where there is a perfect mix of experience and youthful energy to synchronize with this emerging scenario to ensure maximum possible convenience of clients. Comparison of the subsisting practices with the introductions in a comprehensive manner to ensure that the transition phase is undergone as smoothly as possibly is the need of the hour. As the age old maxim goes – a strong and beautiful building can be built only on a strong foundation.

Thus, keeping in view the above requirements, our firm, M/s. GDK & Associates (FRN- 002159C) has been formed, which is a perfect blend of experience as well as acquaintance with emerging areas and technologies in the form of senior professionals with over 25 years of experience on one hand and newly qualified ones with immense potential yet to be tapped on the other We have our presence by way of 7 branches across Indore, Bhopal, Pune and Sagar.

M/S GDK & Associates is established with the following principle objectives, adopting present trends of a modern professional practice:

  • ⮚ To render the highest standards of professional service attuned to our client’s needs.
  • ⮚ To provide significant added benefits to our clients.
  • ⮚ To provide an environment in which our partners and staff can find challenges and commensurate reward.

Our Experience

The details of professional experience M/s. GDK & Associates are elaborated in the following paragraphs.

  • I. Concurrent Audits
  • We have been the concurrent auditors for various nationalized, cooperative and private sector banks. The scope of such audit includes verification, on a daily basis, of all transactions entered into by the bank branch with special emphasis on foreign exchange transactions, monitoring the end-use of funds by corporate borrowers, etc. and undertaking physical verification of inventories hypothecated to the bank on a periodic basis.

  • II. Inspection & Revenue Audits
  • The scope of inspection audit mainly consists of thorough inspection of the borrowers’ books of accounts, position of stock, assets hypothecated etc. Also, revenue audits of various branches of nationalized banks have been handled by us.

  • III. Statutory Audits
  • We have been appointed as External (Statutory) Branch Auditors of the various nationalized banks and DCCB & RRBs and Statutory Auditors of various Government Companies and PSU’s.

  • I. Statutory Audits
  • The firm is holding appointment as External (Statutory) Auditors for the following sector: -

    1. Construction Companies
    2. Manufacturing Companies
    3. Trading Companies

  • II. Management and Internal Audits
  • We have carried out the management & internal audits of various corporate and non-corporate entities at Indore and nearby places. The scope of such audit consists thorough checking of day to day transactions, assisting the entity in complying with various legal requirements, requirements of accounting standards and preparation of financial statements, assisting the management in its policy decisions so as to propel the growth of the entity.

We have carried out stock verification audits of companies/ borrowers on behalf of management, banks and other financial institutions.

  1. Audits under Section 44AB of Income Tax Act
  2. Audits of Trusts, Charitable Institutions and Others

We are Income Tax and Wealth Tax Advisors to various corporate and non-corporate entities. The area of services includes:

  1. Tax Planning and Advisory
  2. Filing of various returns under the Income Tax Act.
  3. Representing the assessees before the Assessments, CIT (Appeals) and Other Appellate Authorities.

We are Advisors to corporate and non-corporate clients for their Central Excise Matters with specific reference to the followings:

  1. Tax Planning and advisory
  2. Filing of various returns under the GST Laws.
  3. Representing the assessees before the various Appellate Authorities.

We are Advisors to various corporate clients rendering the following services:

  1. Company Law consultancy and secretarial matters.
  2. Filing of various returns and forms under the provisions of Companies Act.

To regulate and bring transparency in the Real Estate Sector, the government has introduced RERA in 2016 which require Real Estate Developers to get their projects registered with the authority and also require them to submit a quarterly progress report accompanied with the certificate of a Chartered Accountant.

Book keeping is a process of keeping and maintaining records of financial transaction and financial statements like balance sheet, statement of profit and loss, cash flow statement etc. Keeping proper books of accounts is important as it helps you understand better about your assets and liabilities; it also helps fulfilling many statutory requirements. To maintain proper books of accounts it is always recommend to hire a professional.

Forensic audit is a review and analysis of firms or companies or individuals financial records to extract evidences that can be used in the court of law or legal proceedings. Forensic audit involves accounting and auditing procedures and expert knowledge of legal framework. Such audit require large spectrum of investigative activities and are conducted to prosecute a party for fraud, embezzlement or any other financial crime.

  1. Financial Management: to develop accounting, budgeting, forecasting and other information systems and evaluation of alternative financial strategies.
  2. Cost Management: to develop systems for cost control and optimum utilization of economic resources.
  3. Financial and Economic Studies: Techno-economic studies, viability studies, project reports etc.
  4. Personnel Recruitment: Recruitment of accounting and finance personnel.
  5. Professional Tax Services: We also provide services related to Professional Tax Registrations and Returns.
  6. Other Services: Other miscellaneous services we provide include, but are not limited to MSME/ UDYAM Registration, FSSAI Registration, IEC Registration, services pertaining to drafting Legal Deeds and other relevant documents as required under various laws.