GST Registration

Corporate Law Matters/ LLP Services

A Company or a Limited Liability Partnership incorporated under the Companies Act and LLP Act respectively has a responsibility of filing various returns and forms as per the relevant provisions under the Companies Act and the LLP Act, including LLP Audit (as the case maybe). For the aforementioned purpose along with other purposes like incorporation of a Company, matters related to merger and amalgamation or acquisition and such other company related secretarial work and other services related to LLP, we, GDK & Associates provide such services to our clients in accordance with the relevant and applicable provisions of the Companies Act and rules framed therein.

In addition to these we also provide consultancy to the companies in accordance with their requirements and other factors including, but not limited to-

  1. Nature of Business
  2. Size and Scale of the entity
  3. Status of the company [Public Ltd. Company (listed or Unlisted),Company incorporated under Section 8 of the Companies Act, Private Ltd. Company etc.]
  4. Applicable laws and regulations on the company